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How to do generic type transferring with jsx in TypeScript

So I just encountered a problem where I want to make a better type checking in a props of a React component. It’s about one prop takes an array of certain type X, and in another prop: callback, this type X needs to be the parameter of the callback. Let’s see how to do that in TypeScript.

1. Declare type for the props

interface IDropDownProps<T> {
items: Array<T>;
getItemProps: (item: T, index: number) => object;

T means here we take a generic type T and use it through this IDropDownProps:

  1. The items is an array of type T.
  2. the first parameter of getItemProps takes type T as well.

In order to share type between these two props, we need to have this type T declared at the interface level, this is why wen have that IDropDownProps<T>.

Now things become interesting because when you apply this IDropDownProps<T> to a component, you MUST declare what this T is.

2. Declare the component

Now we need to declare the React component which takes this IDropDownProps as its props.

2.1 For a class component

it’s just as easy as class DropDown<T> extends React.Component<IDropDownProps<T>>.

2.2 For a function component

With the introduction of hooks, function component will be the future of React. and remember the name function component, now it’s been unified to this name compare to the stateless functional component, even in the latest version of @types/react, now you can use React.FC than React.SFC.

function DropDown<T>({ items, getItemProps }: IDropDownProps<T>) {
// body

Don’t know how to use it with a component been declared like this:

const DropDown: React.FC<IDropDownProps<T>>;

Feel free to comment if you know how.

3. Render this component with type T

We just declared the component, now we need to use it, the problem is, when we use a component, most of the time, we use JSX syntax. With Typescript 2.9, generic type in JSX syntax is possible.

So, you just use it like this:

items={provinces} getItemProps={getItemProps} /></DropDown<string

Now, if you pass a wrong callback like this:

const getItemProps = (item: number) => {
text: item;

The compiler will complain that the expected type for item is string where you declare it as a number.

4. End

Hope it helps. :)

Thanks for reading!

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